So, how do we work?

Our goal is to invent in people who are behind the project, never vice versa!


Such teams go together with our partners through the whole preparatory cycle to active the "first" sale of their product, respectively an increase of the already existing sale.


All participants must show respect and readiness to do fair business.


This is the only way to ensure long-term success of the new or young companies, which is the aim of our investors and other people involved.

The procedure with those interested in the cooperation with us takes place in five steps:


Those interested in working with us, fill in the information form in the "Contacts" and they are invited to the initial meeting. We are not "mobile operators", we need to talk to you personally, and not only through some "machine".


Each of the candidates receives feedback on their personal presentation with us. The best are invited to cooperate with us.


All who prove that they are ready to move on from "start-up" phase to the start of a functional company, will get an individual proposal for a selected form of cooperation with us or one of our partner companies.

When all the preassigned basic rules are met, we guarantee leading the company to market implementation phase, respectively to the first sale of their own product.

The best will get the opportunity to attend a special training course lasting three, respectively six months in the prestigious Prague centre CAMPUS PARK PRAGUE with the graduation certificate.



Upon successful completion of a comprehensive training course in unique training community centre CAMPUS PARK PRAGUE ( accommodation, food, training, mentoring, internship and leisure activities)

each participant receives a further investment in the development of other phases of the business.


On an individual basis, we offer the most successful companies a possibility of a long -term cooperation, capital input etc.



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